Lottery – How To Win Pick 3

The Pick 3 lottery should not be seen as a complete Matka boss game of chance. This game has a mathematical system which can be solved and cracked so stop guessing and learn this mathematics behind it to be a professional player. There are strategies which employ some basic statistics behind the Pick 3 lottery game and are very beneficial in picking the right numbers. If you are a Pick 3 lottery player then rather than picking numbers by personal or favorite numbers try these strategies and lessons based on basic math and pattern theory on how to win Pick 3.

Tip-1: Calculate The Games Pattern
Start noting down the winning numbers on an e-book. Analyze these past winning numbers for solving the Pick 3 lottery games pattern and sequence. Knowing the pattern you can make the right choice of winning numbers for the next game. The games pattern can even be calculated through some lottery software which have a database of past winning numbers and display the probability comparison of numbers by graphs and charts which highlight the best picks for the next draw.

Tip-2: Use The “Quick Pick” formula
There are different types of Pick 3 bets you can play with. But before deciding on the straight wheel or 6-way combination box use the Quick Pick formula for calculating the right choice. This mathematical tool is a proven way to filter the selected numbers and have the ones which have about 70% chances of coming in the next draw.

Tip-3: Analyze The Hot, Cold, Overdue Numbers
The Hot numbers, Cold numbers and the Overdue numbers should be analyzed before making the final decision for the next draw. This technique eliminates the low probability numbers and leaves behind the most probable combination which can hit the next jackpot.

Learn and use these tips on “how to win Pick 3?” and become a professional player who has the highest chances of becoming an overnight millionaire.

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