The Best Coolers For Tailgating

Come tailgating time, coolers are second only to the tailgating grill when it comes to tailgating gear. After all, what kind of party would it be if all the beverages were warm and you had nothing to sit on. But with the variety of coolers out there, all with different purposes, it can be difficult to decide on the best tailgating cooler. We review some of the best coolers for tailgating and provide some resources on how to find the lowest price on tailgating coolers.

Soft-sided coolers mccoy cooler
If your tailgating budget is small and you need to get the most bang for your buck, then you need to take a look at some of the soft-sided coolers available on the market. With recent advances in the technology they use in these coolers, they are able to keep a nice frigid temperature for a number of hours. These soft sided coolers have a number of advantages and benefits such as the convenience of flexible storage so they fit better in your vehicle, and when you’re done you can fold the cooler up making it much more portable. They also incorporate a number of different features such as built in bottle openers, extra pockets and more. The major downside to these coolers is that you can’t sit anything on them so you don’t get the extra seat or the mini table and they also won’t keep temperatures as cold for as long.

5 day coolers
These 5 day coolers are the typical hard plastic camping coolers that everyone things of when you say you’ll bring everything to the game in your cooler. There is actually a rating system that has multiple different days which is supposed to represent the amount of time the cooler would keep object cool but many people have found that this is rarely the case. The hard plastic 5 day coolers are great for tailgating because they can hold way more food and or drink and that they will keep that stuff so much colder. They’re a little easier to carry because they’re not folding all over the place but they tend to be heavier because you load them up with so much more stuff. They provide a nice place to sit if you didn’t bring your chair and most of them now have convenient drains that you dump the icy water out of when you are done.

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